BREAKING: New Coding Style Guidelines Result in Mutiny

This just in! A controversial new policy introduced this week has sparked chaos within Vena’s engineering ranks. A faction of dissenters, calling themselves “Team Spaces” has barricaded themselves up within the Glass Cube, the section of the office normally reserved for events and presentations.

The furious clacking of mechanical keyboards could be heard from the protesters behind the glass walls of the Cube, which is technically a rectangular prism.

“We won’t be coming out until our demands have been met!”

Even among members of Team Spaces, there is not complete agreement. The faction itself is fractured into two main groups — those who believe in two spaces vs. four. Asked about this, a practitioner of two spaces replied, “It’s an uneasy alliance, but we need to present a united front against the Evil Tabbers, or we all lose.”

The one developer who voted for 8 spaces was just happy to be there.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” said the CIO (Chief Indentation Officer), her golden tab key glistening in the sunlight. “We put it to a vote and the people have spoken. Democracy is always fair, right? Wait ‘til they find out coffee won the vote over tea and espresso.”

Some blame it on the election process.

“The spaces vote was split! If they had replaced First Past The POST with a better system, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“My Pull Request for First Past the PATCH was rejected. :(”

Grady Johnson, a self-described “Tab-gnostic”, made the following comment: “// ”

Patrick Doyle responded with: “/* */”

We’ll bring you updates from this breaking story as they happen!

Posted by Albert Choi

Senior Software Architect