Technical Talk at University of Toronto on March 23

A few of us will be visiting U of T next week to give a talk on Vena's Calc programming language. If you like programming languages and compilers, come by SF3202 at 5:00pm on Wednesday, March 23 to hear us talk about the challenges faced by Vena's computing environment, and the compiler technology we're developing to solve them.

Title: A Compiler and Execution Engine for Concurrent Computation in Sparse Multidimensional Arrays of Financial Data

Vena Solutions hosts a cloud-based computing environment supporting online corporate performance analysis. This environment presents some distinctive technical challenges that have led us to develop a custom programming language suited to performing large volumes of concurrent computations in an efficient manner. In this talk, Patrick Doyle describes the technological challenges faced in this environment, and gives an overview of the language, compiler, and runtime execution engine Vena has developed to meet these challenges.

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